The Group


GBIPV is owned and operated by an enthusiastic group of 10 pilots known as Echo Echo ltd.

Echo Echo Ltd is the longest established flying group based at Bournemouth International Airport. The Group was founded in 1981 by Ted Stewart the owner of G-BCEE a 1974 Grumman AA5 Traveler. Ted bought EE in 1979 for £17500 and allowed a few of his friends use of the plane. This arrangement was formalized two years latter by the creation of Echo Echo Ltd with Ted and nine other directors making a total of ten, with the group maintaining this size ever since.

During 2000 the group purchased a N31RB, a 1976 180hp Tiger. This aircraft served the group well for seven years, but with a number of members becoming restricted to a NPPL meant that they could no longer legally fly the "N" reg aircraft. The option of putting the aircraft on the UK register was investigated, but due to the age and advancing hours on the engine it looked like a complete engine rebuild would be required. The total cost looked prohibitive so other options were looked at and eventually the opportunity became available to part ex, N31RB for
G-BIPV our present aircraft a 1979 Tiger with zero hours on the engine.

Although this aircraft is in overall good condition with IFR Avionics, recent paint and leather interior the group will continue to look at ways of upgrading and improving the aircraft over the coming years.

One of the most common questions asked by prospective members is :
"Does 10 members cause a problem with availability"? The short answer is No, past history of the group speaks for itself, we have been operating now for well over 25 years during which there has been a surprisingly small turn over of members. During that time no one has left due to the lack of availability, the most common reasons have included, medical, wanting to move to more complex aircraft, career changes and location moves.

One of the secrets of the Groups success over the years is its social atmosphere. That's not to say we know everyone's business, but that no one is an island operating on their own. We try to have an annual summer Barbecue and Xmas or New Year dinner where members, spouses or partners can all meet socially.

Handily, one of the longest established members of the group runs Europe’s premier Grumman Light Aircraft parts supplier so the group has no problems sourcing parts when upgrading the aircraft.

The group utilizes the excellent as its online booking facility ensuring all members have visibility of the bookings. We don't operate a preference weekend system like some groups. We are very gentlemanly and where one member may have a booking for an odd hour in the day and someone wants the plane all that day for an away trip it's accepted that approaches can be made to see if one will drop their booking in favour of the other. Similarly if Members wish to take the aircraft away touring, they are not restricted to a certain number of days per year.

Each month members receive a copy of their accounts showing their flying statement for the month. On these will be shown the Monthly standing charge (Monthly Charge), which at the moment is £95 and the standing order to the group (SCP) as a payment. Any payments made during the month is shown as a (P) payment with date. Also each flight made by the member is shown as a Flt No, date and tach time taken from the flight sheets. Tach time is charged at £98 per hr and from the total tach charge will be deducted any fuel brought to give a balance figure for that flight. An additional charge of £7 an hour is also charged and billed separately which goes towards the engine fund.

If you require any information about the group such as share availability, please email us using the contact button below.